Earth Year

So I missed blogging on Earth Day — which is likely the most overhyped non-holiday holiday on Earth! But the great thing about that is that we are actually now in a societal phase where Earthiness has become cool and thre is less need for one dedicated day out of the year to focus people on the topic. If each of us is not at least trying to do something to Green your home, travel, family or even planet in some way, then shame on us! Check out Julie Almacy’s new blog on greening that Almacy clan.
I do credit Al Gore for much of the awareness raising success. Not sure i buy into all the doomsday predictions, but it’s undeniable that we have a planet being overtaken by poluting, selfserving societies.
There are big issues we will need to face — like reconciling global goals of economic development with the fact that with that come burgeoning populations and more pollution (Hello China). There are also unintended consequences of the race toward biofuels — actually having the opposite effect of their intent to lessen our reliance on oil and gas. With the global demand for biofuels skyrocketing, the Amazon rainforests (which trap tremendous amounts of carbon) are being destroyed so that big agra-enterprises can plant corn and soy. This long term effect will release MORE carbon into the atmosphere AND is already creating demand for biofuels, thus driving up food prices around the world. This Time Magazine story on the issue is a must read:
But there is hope.