Hilton Head

Time for a few new kid pictures, which always come with vacation time, like it or not. Me likey, Rob not so much (the taking of the pictures, that is…)
The weather and activities have been pretty much out of the beach vacation guide book (sunny, hot, add beach, water, good seafood restaurants and vacation villa) but it’s our right to publish a few, darnit, because we have to track how these kids grow, vacation to vacation, year to year…. and of course, since i’ve been denied twins in my life, my mother has at least taken to dressing the cousins the same (with some encouragement from me)….

Graham’s First Roller Coaster Ride

Back in June we visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. There’s a ton of pictures I still need to post, but I’ve been sitting on this video for too long. Graham’s still talking about his first roller coaster ride– he’s pretty sure he loved it and keeps asking to go again. So you decide: did he love it? Was the ride too scary? Or was the cackling goon sitting next to him even scarier?

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