Graham’s Firsts– The Movie Outing

I took Graham to a Sunday matinee showing of “Cars” this past weekend. His first trip to the movies! We did it all– popcorn, soda, candy, and talking. Yes, my son is a movie-talker. Actually, he did really well. He would occasionally ask to go home during the slower moments and ask where the tractor-trailer went, as it was his favorite character. So Pixar, if there’s ever a Cars sequel, can Mack get a few more scenes please—perhaps a spin-off of his own? Graham was too small to sit in the theater’s seats—the chair immediately folded up on him as soon a he sat down. They had plastic boosters to place on the seats but they looked too uncomfortable so he spent most of the movie on my lap. It was pretty cozy– my arm and leg fell asleep resulting in fireworks of pins and needles during the credits—but it was all totally worth it.

pee in the cup

Tonya’s latest trip to the pediatrician…
Ok, simple enough, so thinks me. How wrong could I be?
Today was the day for Graham and Mia’s 4 year and 18 month, respectively, Well Visits at the doctor. I wasn’t sure if we’d need shots this time around (we did– 5 needle sticks between the two of them– yikes) but that wasn’t the best part of the visit. It was all about the urine. Lots of it. Once the nurses did the regular height, weight, and questions check-up part, with both kids kids stripped down to skivvies and diaper, again respectively, we headed to the hall tile-floor bathroom. On the way I said to Graham, “do you have to pee pee?”
“No mama.”
“OK, well the nurse wants you to pee in the cup, so since you didn’t go at home, this should be easy.”
We got into the room, I strategically positioned Graham right alongside, nearly hugging, the toilet so that he could (in my mind) pee in the cup and then transfer the pee into the toilet, mid stream. What was I thinking?! We pulled down his frog-motif undees, pointed the little bippy in the cup and, immediately, the pee pee started to flow. And flow. And Stream. And stream some more.
“Ok, stop,” I said. Yeah right. The little cup started to overflow. Mama panicked. The firehose of pee pee began to extinguish the whole bathroom. It went all over his sister and all over the tile (now slippery) floor as I rushed to redirect it, to little avail, into the big white basin. I think maybe one drop (maybe two) made it in. Mia, meanwhile was yipping with glee at something shiny at the bottom of the toilet. When I grabbed her to ensure that she didn’t pull the shiny thing out, she just happened to slip (again, barefoot and in her diaper) in the big pee pee puddle on that tile floor. Graham stood there, skivvies at his ankles. Still stunned and wondering what had just taken place.
“Can I pull my underwear up now?”
Exactly 23 paper towels later… “ok, now let’s go get your shots.”

The OC

The family vacation was on the West Coast this year– Newport Beach, CA. Tonya and I are moving there ASAP.
The pics (Click to enlarge or view slide show):


It was time for a visual refresh. The old design was cool but 1) it was a little too image-heavy and 2) the banner image had a complete lack of Mia. I’ll keep playing around with it, but this is it for now.