a boy and his tractor

I’ve got a backlog of pictures from the Michigan trip which Tonya is hammering on me to post, so they’ll keep trickling in until Graham and Mia are in their late 20’s at the rate I get these uploaded.
Otherwise, how’s life with us in NoVA? Loud. Everyone made a huge deal last summer about the invasion of the cicadas (or “Chica-das” as Tiago called them, which I then adopted as my own. The pronounciation, not Tiago.) Let me tell you that this summer is no different– We risk hearing loss if we step out onto our porch any time past dusk. I’ll have to record them so that all can appreciate the cacophony. Ok, I probably won’t, I just wanted to use the word “cacophony.”
Katrina has hit hard. I was looking at CNN not long ago and it’s grim. Pray. Dad Klause (aka Papa Tractor) is super-busy with FEMA rallying the troops and getting the home inspectors on the scene to provide shelter/financial aid. He’s exhausted– but we’re proud of you Dad! They’ve got a great man for the job.

vineyard visit

And now, a rare entry from Tonya:
What a fun weekend — oh-so-short, but one of the highlights was definitely our visit to Notaviva Vineyards and of course to the House of Mackey to visit Shannon and new baby Tristan Mackey!
The vineyard was beautiful — Stephen and Shannon’s work has been such an inspiration. Talk about blood, sweat, and tears — they are starting from scratch to fulfill their dream of opening a vineyard/winery in Northern Virginia. Their property is breathtaking — Stephen gave us a tour of the fenced-in 8 acres of grapevines that will be their first crop area — with the first load of grapes set for next season. We had NO idea what it takes to know and DO to make this a reality but they are doing it! The highlight of the day for Graham was seeing Stephen’s tractor, which was missing a wheel (unfortunately for Stephen, since it prevented him from mowing). Even into the evening Graham was talking about the tractor.
And baby Tristan is a doll! So cute and cuddly! What proud parents are the Mackeys. We really enjoyed visiting with them and all agreed we need to get the old trusecure group together again soon!

michigan vacation

We road-tripped out to northern Michigan last week for the big Siegrist family reunion and stayed at the Inn at Bay Harbor right on Lake Michigan. Nice place!
Now onto the pictures