new neff in the hoooooouse!

Welcome Olivia Quinn Neff!!!!
Kim and Tim welcomed Olivia into the word on July 13!
The vitals: 187 lbs., 6’3″ (give or take a few)
I’m sure Tonya will write in and correct my slightly faulty stats.
Bottom line: healthy, cute, loved.

the list

From Tonya: Memory list – Myrtle Beach vacation June 2005
(and yes, it’s a little late)
– Very warm ocean water
– Nana kept putting Graham’s sandals on the wrong feet – is she cross-eyed?
– Water wings work miracles for Graham – still doesn’t know how to swim, but we’re getting closer
– Mom fell in the waterfall pool. Got soaked (except somehow managed not to get her hair wet)
– Huge construction site (Marriott villas) provided lots of heavy equipment – especially massive cranes
– Big, buffet breakfasts every day – free, thanks to Dad’s premier status
– No cooking all week
– Good idea to bring the Peets coffee for the room
– The sand tunnel is no good if the john deer tractor doesn’t fit through it
– Mia started holding out her hands to us
– Nice clean, flat beach
– Mia looked smashing in her 3 bathing suits (one a gift from the Sawyers, one a gift from Nonni, one a hand-me-down from Dae-Dae)
– Rob’s cell phone doesn’t work in the bar when Nana, awoken by Mia’s screams, tries to summon Rob and Tonya; everyone wakes up!
– Pedicure and brow waxing for Tonya; manicure for Joanne
– Daddy and screaming Graham go down the water slide together
– Graham was fearless in the water; never wanted to get out
– Heavy duty Stein Mart shopping trip – Tonya found the sought-after white pant suit
– Bumpin’ Banana drinks in the afternoon
– Loved the Marriott employee name tags – lots of Baltic state natives
– Graham and Mia matching green gingham outfits brought lots of smiles, coos
– No cleaning up after everyone (like mom does at the outer banks)
– Lots of New Jersey girls waitressing by the pool – Hearing them say “water” is the giveaway
– Finally got through two issues of In-style
– Perfect weather
– The minivan really packs in the junk
– Graham still loves the Big Rig videos, but we need more variety
– Portofino’s dinner with Strupe and Betty – best Grouper fish Dad ever had
– Rob wrote every day
– Advertures of W the Yellow Engine – (one of Daddy’s nap-time stories)
– Serious Coppertone tan on this little boy (reminiscent of a young Tim……)
– Free wireless – in the Bar, in the lobby, by the pool….
– Rob couldn’t connect to work email (oh, darn), but Tonya could (oh, darn)
– The song/dittie “Tanker truck Action! Tanker Truck action”
– Recognition of how international the name Maria is
– Heated pools!
– Mom and Dad got $125 for taking the time share Ocean Watch tour; (glad they bought 10 years ago)
– You can’t go a week without doing at least one load of laundry
– Mia began grabbing her toes
– The earlybirds (joggers, walkers) get the ice-water, fruit and towels
– Mia loved being carted around in the water
– “Jump in to Pop Pop”
– Rob standing in the hot tub holding Graham, looking at the moon
– Internet security conference (what are the chances!?) at the hotel
– Relaxing walks in the beautiful evening weather
– “Mama draw a LONG eighteen-wheeler”
– Bought me some J. Lo shades
– We had adjoining rooms and amazing ocean/beach views
– Coconut shrimp and seared ahi tuna appetizers
– We love swimmie diapers – in small and large!
– Graham doubled over in laughter at Pop-pop’s Thomas antics
– “My peeing, Mama” (in the pool), then 10 seconds later, “My pee’d mama”

this is the 4th

Graham and I eat popsicles as we sit on the front porch in happy silence, simply enjoying the world. Melting popsicle makes a grape-flavored trail down Graham’s hand and arm as he slurps away in ignorant bliss. A trio of hawks that have taken up residence in a tree in the back yard shriek and call to each other. Bees buzz in Tonya’s perennial garden, flitting from flower to flower. A warbler lands in the small oak tree next to us and answers calls from one somewhere else in the neighborhood. The flag mounted high between the garage doors flaps in the breeze its colors alive in the afternoon sun. A lazy labrador basks in that same sunlight, mopey-eyed, occasionally flicking an ear to ward off a fly. Laughter of both child and adult is in the distance. The smells of barbecue drift through the neighborhood enticing the appetite. Mia dozes in the jogging stroller as Tonya strides up the drive after a vigorating run. A pop and a crackle sound now and then. We smile at each other and the moment lasts forever. This is the fourth.