mama’s first note to mia

She said…
It started at about 2 months– that perfect, goofy smile of yours, Mia.
This time I knew that it was not just a milk coma smile, although those still grace your face daily…
This time you smiled at ME, your mama. You smiled because you recognize me, my smile, my smell, my crazy hair dangling in your face.
What joy you bring to me, to your father. Your own little special form of love given back to us in your way, in your time.
Received a card in the mail today from the dear Mr. and Mrs. K. It had this wonderful reminder on it…
Just think…
Your daughter is here not by chance,
But by God’s choosing.
His hand formed her
And made her the person she is.
He compares her to no one else –
she is one of a kind.
She will lack nothing
that His grace can’t give her.
He has allowed her to be here
at this time in history
To fulfill His special purpose
for this generation.

— Roy Lessin
Thank you Lord for this blessing of Maria. She is yours and you’ve entrusted her to us.

geek stuff

I got a chance to play around with the Mac mini last night. Wow. As Graham would say, “My want it!”
It’s tiny, like a short-stack of panakes, stylish (very much unlike a short-stack of pancakes), a surprisingly pretty quick machine, and includes an impressive bundle of software.
It’s twanging my geek nerve. Verrry tempting…