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Graham visited the diggers, dump trucks, and bulldozers down the street. He was in heaven. Mia’s not quite ready for that yet.
Soon, Mia, soon.

just a tip

It’s the wee hours of the morning and you are awoken by your wife handing you your precious new baby. Now, when she says, “She needs a diaper change soon,” she actually means, “Change her diaper right now before I make you wear it as a hat.”
So, Soon == Now

and yes, we’re not sleeping

Tonya and Mia have been home for a few days now, and all is well.
It’s funny how much we forgot about infants! Some great head-smacking moments of, “Doh! Oh yeah, that’s why you need a burp cloth!” And the like…
And you definately forget just how tiny they are! Just a little peanut!
She’s a fun one– well, as fun as a one-week-old can be– she’s not much of a conversationalist unless you’re fluent in gurgling and crying. The fun part is the holding and cuddling. We’re currently going through the figuring-her-out stage, determining which button you push to make her sleep all night instead of all day. She takes after her daddy in the night-owl department.
Graham so far likes Mia, but him not being the only sherrif in town anymore is starting to set in. He’s getting a little clingy and is quick to tantrum– not that that his tantrums are all that bad, just more than we’re used to. Could also be the “Terrible Twos” are starting to kick in as well. Ah, timing. He’ll get over it.
He did, however, have a very happy Christmas, for this was the year of “Thomas the Tank Engine”– what more could a little boy ask for? Some choo-choo trains and a baby sister!