kapow– December!

And bam! There you have it, it’s suddenly December. You’ve only got 24 days left to shop for my 61″ DLP TV. Get on it.
So November was a sad month for posting to the site. I fully plan on making December a much better month for posting even if I have to have entries like this:
Flowers are pretty.
Hey, it’s almost better than nothing. Almost.
Ok, not better.
I saw that Comedy Central is going to start airing uncensored/uncut stand-up acts on Saturday nights at 1am. Ok, Sunday morning really. This Saturday they’ll be showing an old Richard Pryor vid. <sarcasm>Mmmm, good clean jokes aplenty</sarcasm>.
Their catch line for this is something like, “hey, no one’s up at 1am, so we’re airing it in all it’s badness”– No one’s up at 1am? Try every kid who’s at a sleepover at their friend’s house where staying up late is the name of the game. Legos, pillow fights, building forts out of the couch cushions, XBox/PS2’ing, and learning some good, down-home, dirty jokes to share with their friends at school on Monday morning.
Then there’s Tivo (which is another thing you should be shopping for Christmas for me– HDTV version, please.) The beauty of Tivo is that there’s no such thing as prime-time, or any time, any more. It’s make your own prime-time with Tivo. Record whatever/whenever you want and watch it whenever you want. So say mom and dad aren’t going to let their child stay up that late on Saturday night– doesn’t matter any more with Tivo. He can Tivo it 1am while he dreams of sugar plums in his head, and then watch it as a very educational after-school special on Monday!
We don’t have to get as sophisticated as Tivo– there’s this old-fashioned device called a VCR that can do this too.
Yes, there’s V-Chip. Does anyone actually know what this is? If you’re a parent, and don’t want your kids watching this kind of content, you better find out. All modern TVs (of 13″ and larger), most cable boxes, and satellite boxes have some kind of V-Chip/mature content blocking stuff built into them. So parents just may have to Read The Manual (and yes, this means you too, dad!) on how to use those features if you don’t feel that your kids should be watching television content that clashes with your morals. Don’t have the manual anymore? No excuse– Google is your friend.
Maybe Michael Powell and the FCC will step in on this one, like he’s done before. But don’t count on it– it’s up to parents being active and knowledgeable with the technology in their homes if they want to protect their kids from questionable content. Or they can even go low-tech– they can actually talk to their kids and tell them they shouldn’t be watching it and, most importantly, why.
Now, get reading. And talking.
And shopping.