back from boston

Tonya, Graham and I had an awesome weekend in Boston, visiting with my mom’s side of the family. That’s the Italian-eat-eat-eat side, to be more exact.
So. Much. Food.
Our hotel was next to the New England Confectionery Company plant– you know– “Necco Wafers” and “Sweet Hearts!” In a slacker geek moment I neglected to bring my camera on the trip, thus no pictures of the giant Necco rolls flanking the doorways of the factory. So take my word for it– they’re there.

the day after

Ah yes, the day after Halloween– the day everyone brings all their left-over candy to work in hopes that their coworkers will prevent them from over-indulging by eating all the candy for them. The problems is, of course, that everyone brings their left-overs in.
So the question is, how much candy did you end up eating at work today?
2 Almond Joys
2 mini bags of Reese’s Pieces
1 Hershey’s chocolate bar